Welcome To Marijuana Addiction Treatment Centers Hotline

So far, marijuana has been proved to be a controversial drug. Around the world, there are parts that have legalized its use, and in the same measure, some parts are not for it. The states that have legalized it are either due to medical reasons or even for recreational purposes. Cannabis Sativa or weed as it is commonly referred to can lead to dependence regardless of being employed in the medical context’s use. Marijuana addiction is a problem that is being faced by many a people worldwide.

For an addict, getting the right help from treatment centers is the best path towards recovery. They can seek help themselves directly, or ask for their close family and friends to guide them to the centers. Thanks to the existence of phones, it is not compulsory to make those long trips to the rehab centers, you can just seek help by dialing the marijuana hotline. The calls solely focus on the dependence and the symptoms associated with its abuse.

The first step towards recovery is to pick up the phone and call the helpline. This portrays one’s willingness to overcome the drug and go through detox, drug rehab and drug rehab leading to a drug-free healthy and productive life.

Picking The Phone

Before deciding to pick the phone and call, many questions will run through an addicts mind. He or she will be wondering if the call will go through, who will then pick up on the other side, what sort of questions are likely to be asked, what type of attitude will the person on the other end have, will I be stigmatized by the person, among others.

Who Will Answer The Phone?

The person always on the receiving end of the call is a trained counselor. The counselor is trained to be understanding of the addict’s situation and help him seek the necessary information for the suitable treatment centers. Assurance of not being stigmatized or being judged is guaranteed since every information given is treated as confidential. If any information is needed to be recorded for either clarity or quality assurance, then it will be only after your consent at the beginning of the call.

What Questions To Expect To Be Asked

Since the goal is to help the addict, some information needs to be gotten about the addict. Questions about the willingness of the addict to drop the marijuana use, any dependency on other drugs, the dependence span, current financial situation, health insurance coverage if any, the location of treatment centers in your area, the side effects that are being experienced should also be explained to the counselor. These questions will be built on conversations to help devise an ideal treatment program for the patient.

What Should I Ask?

Since this an end-to-end conversation, it is only fair if the caller also makes some inquiries. Ask about the payment plans, treatment duration, therapies being offered, aftercare services after the treatment period and others for clarity purposes.

When Does the Treatment Start?

Treatment commencing time is dependent on the caller’s intention. Our marijuana helpline is to get more information in the understanding of the challenges the addict is facing, and then devise a suitable treatment program. This is obviously the first treatment. So the first treatment is done when making that first phone call.